Bungie has dropped the overall trailer for Future 2’s upcoming Warmind DLC, and it’s appearing off extra of the growth than anything else we’ve noticed thus far.

I’m positive Bungie isn’t amused that the next day to come could also be the day the 2 greatest leisure homes on earth presently, Fortnite and Avengers: Infinity Conflict, made up our minds to kick off their crossover tournament, however possibly this trailer will persuade you to depart the Infinity Gauntlet at the box and play some Future 2as a substitute.

The trailer displays off the Frozen Hive, which glance to be the principle, most likely simplest, enemy on this enlargement. I nonetheless haven’t begun to actually know how they range from common Hive, as I’ve simplest see small changes like a Knight with a sword and defend, however a few of these Ogres and Wizards glance lovely other. The only absolutely new enemy kind proven off within the trailer seems to be a Hive malicious program god, in the end glimpsed for the primary time once we’ve examine them within the grimoire for ages.

The trailer additionally spotlights a couple of guns. We’ve already noticed/heard concerning the Huckleberry SMG and Polaris Lance scout rifle, however I nonetheless don’t know what their unique perks are. However the only large marvel of the trailer is the disclose of a brand new unique sword, Worldline 0, which seems to be crackling with arc power, and apparently to most likely have some kind of AOE lunge transfer. For the reason that the 3 earlier unique swords had been the entire results of a questline, I’m questioning if this one goes to be as smartly. And I’ll wager anything else that there shall be a quite elaborate unique quest to get a brand new model of the Sleeper Simulant in Warmind as smartly.

The trailer remains to be mild on tale main points, however displays that Zavala shall be part of this plotline one way or the other. The tale to this point is that “one thing” has awoken on Mars (almost definitely the malicious program god) and we can have to depend on Rasputin to assist forestall it. I believe one of the lore teases have got a lot deeper into this, however that’s actually the entire trailer conveys.


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