Madonna, who created her own anti-aging skin care product brand called MDNA SKIN, met Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles. Kardashian, who shares beauty secrets on live broadcast on YouTube, has been spoken to participate in the invitation to the plaque.

59-year-old singer Madonna, who introduced the new products of her own beauty brand, made her presentation on YouTube with her social media fenomen Kim Kardashian at the same time.

Kardashian, who joined a black bra with the same color and a pencil skirt, bumped into the pink hair, which quickly gave up.

The British DailyMail newspaper, ‘Madonna’s 108 million followers of Kim Kardashian’yi happy to be welcomed in any case is clear,’ he said.

Madonna introduces skin care products “My eyes are like small planets when I wake up, so I created these eye masks filled with eye serum. I am also happy to share with you, “he said.


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