What will be the fashion of 2018-2019? Which colors will be preferred? By 2018 we will stamp every ton of red and every kind of red. The inflatable boots that last year’s boots are also very popular. We have searched for all fashion trends for the year 2018 …

Every year different colors are different fashion and clothes are becoming fashion. It’s hard to keep pace with fashion trends. Fashion-minded ladies closely follow these trends. What will be the fashion of 2018? What type of clothing should be preferred in 2018? What will be the most favorite color of the year 2018? We have searched for answers to these questions …

The trends of this season’s autumn-winter trends have become evident as Modan’s collections of advanced brands are paved on podiums. The fashion of returning to the past years we have encountered in the last years will be with us with different interpretations at this time. It looks like this winter will be much more colorful than the other winter gore. This winter’s fashion trends are filled with lively colors … I think blacks and goodbye to this period.

One of the most rare pieces of winter fashion in 2018 will be velvet fabrics. In this sense that the more colorful and vibrant colors are preferred, the leadership is also in the red. The purple, khaki, yellow and pink colors also come after the red. These colorful winter trends, wide-sleeved woolen sweatshirts are frayed, and naturally, we do not have to show that we have done so in years … The embroidery fashion is back. It is predicted that this winter will be very colorful and moving along with the headlamps.

What are the fashion trends for 2018-2019?


The cold days of winter months seem to pass with the warmth of red. Red long gowns, pardes and red velvet pieces began to take their place in the showcases. This winter we seem to see too much red pieces.

In 2018 we will also encounter colorful socks. This is full of socks fashion color color, silvery and stony socks. Whether it’s sports or classic shoes with different shoe models, these socks will add a marginal and stylish feel to you.

The gangsters continue to be with us all at this moment in full swing. Pinstripe does not realize that the lines of the lines remain, and it appears in most pieces of clothing that you might come up with. The use of Pinstripe is seen in darker colors.

Oversized tops will be with us this season. In fact, this form of depression is not possible to compare them with others. These pieces, which are only a few thumbs up, show a much more pleasant and marginal air, and will provide a stylish image with both of them.

These trendy arms, which are quite influenced by the 80’s, are notable as an accessory. It would not be a mistake to say that Fashion is a fashion model of Fahriye Evcen. Exaggerated and swollen arm details are among the most noticeable trends of 2018 fashion.

The most masculine trend of 2018 winter fashion can be called suits. Apparel dresses, office-style clothing looks like the most preferred style this year.

The striking promise was that fashion designers in this situation likewise prefer clothing fashion to the lasting sensation. most of the time, clear texts were chosen that determine the mood or personal preference of the upper garments. In this sense, concise words will be with us.

In this sense, one of the pieces we will encounter most often looks like velvet parts. Velvet parts designed to appeal to every category, whether it is a classic form or a sport form, will be one of the most beautiful choices of this winter.

Since the puff coats actually lasted a very long time, along with us, the new senses again succeeded in getting into the preferences after the designers added different styles.

Another trend piece of this season is plastic fashion. These trends, which are designed in the choice of raincoats, are preferred in shoes, bags and top jackets.

This time of Kollarda fur detail is very noticeable, it is very important. Except for voluminous arms, the arm detail, which consists entirely of fake cactus, is among the season’s favorites.


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